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11L PVC Outdoor Inflatable Shower Pressure Shower Water Bag Portable C – Eleganc-tec

11L PVC Outdoor Inflatable Shower Pressure Shower Water Bag Portable Camp Shower

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Bullet Points:
1、Easy Foot Pump: The camp shower bag adopts a newly designed foot pump with a high-elastic large mesh sponge that rebounds on its own, allowing you to enjoy the same refreshing shower outdoors.
2、Pressure Nozzle: The pressure nozzle can easily control the water flow, effectively flush the body. The gripped switch is easy to open and close and please use water on demand to save resources.
3、Leak-proof Design: The barrel is made of PVC mesh cloth. With high-frequency laser welding process, it has good sealing. The protective cover is provided at the top cover to prevent it from being opened when the air pressure is too high.
4、Over-sized Water Inlet Design: The over-sized water injection above the bucket makes water injection faster. With handles on the top, you can hang on demand or hand-held.
5、Lightweight And Portability: The camp shower bag is easy to unfold to portable showers. The compact size and bags with zipper make outdoor shower become a lightweight solution.
The shower bag can be used in outdoor camping shower, road trip shower and surfing shower and is suitable for car washes, bathing pets, rinsing dishes and watering plants.
Brand: AOTU 
Name: Portable Outdoor Shower Bag
Model: AT6639
Material: barrel PVC; faucet ABS tube: rubber
Capacity: 11L
Size(about): height 46cm/18.11in; diameter 20CM/7.87in
Storage size(diameter* height): about 23.8*10CM/9.37*3.94in
net weight: about 820 grams 
gross weight: about 990 grams
Water pipe length: about 200CM/78.74in
Shower Pouch * 1
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